Archiv für den Monat: März 2022

Automatisch Lieder-Erkennen

Ich digitalisiere gerade meine Kassettensammlung. Da hilft es, sich das aufwändige Titeleingeben zu automatisieren.

Voila: mein Lieder-Erkenn-Skript (basierend auf songrec)

Setup: Install gem „zaru“ first!

require 'zaru'

TIMEOUT = 12 #seconds

semaphore =
rename_jobs = []
threads = []

# setup parallel threads to recognize songs - only for not renamed files
files = Dir["**/*"].select{|e|[".flac",".opus",".wav",".ogg",".mp3",".aac"].include?(File.extname(e).downcase)} # only audio files
files.each_with_index do |f, i|  
  rename_jobs << []
  threads << do
    new_name = File.dirname(f)+"/"
    new_name = File.join(File.dirname(f), $1) if f =~ /^([abcd]?\d+)/i
    new_name = File.join(File.dirname(f), $1) if f =~ /^(track\s*\d+)/i
    name = `songrec recognize \"#{f}\"`.strip
    new_name += " - #{Zaru.sanitize!(name)}#{File.extname(f)}"
    semaphore.synchronize { rename_jobs[i] = [f 
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, new_name] } end end # wait smart and timeout when number of recognized songs doesn't go up old_num = 0 timeout = 0 while(true) do break unless rename_jobs.include?([]) break if timeout > TIMEOUT sleep 1 num_recog ={|e|e!=[]}.size if num_recog != old_num timeout = 0 old_num = num_recog else timeout += 1 end puts "#{num_recog} of #{rename_jobs.size} songs recognized yet." end threads.each{|t|t.exit unless t.status} # end remaining searches puts "Preview:" rename_jobs.sort.each {|e| p e} puts "\nEnter y to continue" s = gets.strip if s == 'y' # finally do the renaming c = 0 rename_jobs.each do |r| if r != [] File.rename(r[0], r[1]) c += 1 end end puts "#{c} files renamed." end